White Label Crypto Exchange Software Gives Us Plenty Of Room For Growth And Profit. Here Is How!

White Label Crypto Exchange

Many of us might be aware of the fact that the white label crypto exchange software owners today are generating some millions, billions, and even trillions of profit in their businesses. Do you know the actual reason behind this? Come; let us explore it in this blog further….

One of the major aspects that drive entrepreneurs towards getting huge turnover rates in the exchange businesses includes the utilization of white label crypto exchange software. Yes! Of course, it is a secret key for acquiring huge income; but most of us might be unknown of this unrevealed fact. If you are the one among this category of people who don’t have any idea about the magnificence of white label cryptocurrency exchange software, then don’t worry. After reading this blog till the end, you will be able to get clarity on all the aspects in relation to the white label cryptocurrency exchange software for sure.

Today’s modern digital era is filled up with a lot of business opportunities for entrepreneurs to look into. Crypto and blockchain technology trends form the most out of them as they give way for entrepreneurs to explore profit in a variety of ways. White label exchange software is one of those effective business practices that help us generate stunning profit shortly free of hassles.

As per the present market statistics, the cryptocurrency exchanges are in the booming phase with every single day bringing a lot of investment options. This has been powered up as well with the continuously emerging market trends and updates. This is the reason why a lot of newbie entrepreneurs are interested in starting up a cryptocurrency exchange of their choice. Every entrepreneur is set to enter the crypto space with a lot of potential benefits. One of the most dominant among those benefits is reaping up seamless profit ever. Come let us explore more about the ways of getting income via setting up a white label cryptocurrency exchange in the blog…


Before going to the strategies that influence profit generation, let me brief you on the concept of what exactly is a white label exchange software here….

White label exchange software is a readily available software product or application that helps us launch a stunning cryptocurrency exchange of our choice in the market free of hassles. The cryptocurrency exchanges developed from the white label software will let the users trade different types of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin, and so on. 


Now, let me explain in brief the different revenue streams that work behind the generation of profit in a white label cryptocurrency exchange:

  • Commissions or income via trading charges:

Since the cryptocurrency exchange platform stands as a medium through which the traders can perform trades, the users of the exchange will be demanded to pay the fees appropriate to the trades that they make on the platform. In general, the trading fee for a successful trading transaction is estimated at around 1 to 3% on average. But the exact charges rely on the type of exchange platform and the features that it offers to the users.

Let us take some of the world’s famous and largest exchange marketplaces like binance and coinbase for instance…If we see, the trading charges imposed by the exchange binance seems to be something around 0.1%, and that of coinbase is around 2.99%. Likewise, different cryptocurrency exchanges have different slots of trading charges as per their business needs and conveniences. By the way, if anyone wants to have reduced trading charges in comparison with the original charges imposed by the exchanges, then they can make use of the native coins of the exchanges to get performed with their trading operations at much lower rates as possible.

No matter how will be the world of cryptos and their market stands out to be in the future; the cryptocurrency exchange owners will avail the facility of making an income via these trading commissions, as long as the exchanges run out for trading prospects.

  • Cryptocurrency listing: 

Let us assume that a new cryptocurrency is going to get its launch in the market shortly. In this case, the new currency will need a certain amount of popularity to get long-term sustainability in the market. So, how could it come for the currency? Yes! Obviously, the listing is one potential aspect that will drive the necessary fame for the currency. Once the currency comes under the coin listings of some of the top listing sites available as of now in the market, it will get promoted automatically to some extent that the currency requires at its initial stages of launch. 

Well; the cryptocurrency exchanges are the platforms that offer such kinds of listing services that help promote a newly launched coin for it to go further with its market competition and to attain a profit. So, here is where the exchanges produce commissions in the form of listing charges from the currency owners or users.

The following table gives us the listing charge details of the different types of exchanges operating out there in the market:

            Type of exchange                Listing fees
Top-level exchanges1 to 2.5 million US Dollars ($) per listing
Medium level exchanges10 to 50 bitcoins (BTC) per listing
Small level exchanges5 to 10 bitcoins (BTC) per listing

Transactional charges:

This is one prominent way with which the cryptocurrency exchanges make income. Yes! No trading gets completed without a transaction. Of course, we cannot assume trading without making transactions as the process involves the exchange or transfer of assets and money as well. So, both the buyers and sellers of the trades are demanded to make some sort of deposits and withdrawals inevitably. Here is where the transactional fees come in and this will be imposed by the exchanges that facilitate trading opportunities to the users.

When it comes to trading via exchanges, there comes a need for the users to make conversions either from crypto to fiat or from fiat to crypto. This is what we call the trading transaction. In order for this to get completed, every user will have to pay a certain amount of charges to the exchanges which are collectively nothing but the transactional charges.

The transactional fees inclusive of the currency deposit or withdrawal charges usually vary from one exchange to the other with respect to the terms, norms, and policies of the respective exchange.

Coin launch:

The exchanges can produce income via the launch of their own coin. Let us take the exchange binance for instance… binance, via the launch of its native token binance coin has gained a huge trading volume altogether with a large business user and investor base. Somebody may not believe that the total value of binance coin (BNB) stands at an all-time high in the market. One of the major reasons or factors that lie behind this worth includes its coin launch.

Binance coin is about to offer mutual benefits to both the users (traders) and the owner of the exchange in the following way:

The users get benefited from the reduction in trading fees to about 50% upon the usage of the exchange’s native coin BNB. On the other hand, the exchange owners will get credited with immense name and fame for the exchange via the extensive utilization and popularity with BNB.

This option gives enough space as well for the investors to look upon opportunities to invest in exchanges like binance thus helping them proceed with their investments further in the crypto space.


White label cryptocurrency exchange software has all the in-built features and functionalities necessary to launch a cryptocurrency exchange like binance or coinbase instantly on the go at ease. To make it happen, you ultimately need a reliable blockchain technology partner or cryptocurrency exchange consultant like shamla tech (one of the best cryptocurrency exchange development companies operating out there in the market right now). Moreover, the selection of the best cryptocurrency exchange consultants like us can help you maximize your business profit in no time.

Hence, it seems to be a surprising chance to develop a white label crypto exchange software with us. So, if you are the one who is on the lookout for the best opportunity to invest in crypto businesses, then you have landed up in the right place. We at Shamla Tech is going to make you avail of the great chance of filling your pocket with some million dollars of income via our white label bitcoin exchange platform development solutions. Once you are ready with the reasonable budget needed for your cryptocurrency exchange development, just give us a callback. Our professional business development team would be in touch with you for further procedures. 

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