Develop Crypto Exchange From Scratch Or Whitelabel: Which Is Cheaper?

Develop Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrencies are at the center of attention.  Starting with just a small fortune in a limited area, cryptocurrencies are now grown to becoming mainstream. The virtual currency exchange market has grown to be highly profitable in recent days, even during the pandemic. With the increase in trader’s attraction, traders are more concerned to create their own crypto exchange. To develop crypto exchange of your own is a very good idea but it takes a lot of time to come up with one. We have to get counsel from top cryptocurrency exchange consultants to get an idea. Search for an expert Cryptocurrency Exchange Development firm. Implement the best services available to build the relevant platform. Test the built platform and eliminate the errors, bugs, and faults. Finally, start the campaign. Isn’t it difficult?

To escape long processes to develop crypto exchange becomes a very simple solution. In contrast to creating a bitcoin exchange newly, white label crypto exchange is the technology that can be built by a development company and as a whole can be sold to another company. The company which buys the Whitelabel script can freely use the software as it is or customize it according to their business needs. Above all, you can get completely scalable and adaptable exchange development for all your business at prices totally depending on the features you need.

Check for the exclusive features in the exchange like 

– Intuitive Admin Panel

– Trading Engine

– Order Book

– Escrow System

– Multi-lingual support

– Cryptocurrency Wallet

– 2-factor authentication

– Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

– KYC/AML Solutions

Develop crypto exchange acquires the digital world with its simple manufacture and easily customizable qualities. This opens the door for the various sectors to develop more or customize it according to their business prospects and aesthetics. Although to create your own bitcoin exchange newly may include too much confusion as well to choose on the valid service providers and solutions.

The readymade exchange software instead would have undergone various tests at different phases and have already been crossed the beta run. This makes the organization which buys the script instead need not focus on the technical resource to review the software for its performance.

But white label crypto exchange script is created with readymade features so that adding just the brand logo alone will be enough to run the platform. You can also choose or personalize the features to be under your budget and as per your needs.

What is the issue?

Blockchain technology is taking lead in all sectors for a few years. The major challenge is that the demand is high but the supply is comparatively low. Similarly, we cannot deny the fact that blockchain is a very complex technology, and not every Crypto Exchange Software developer can be a master at it.

If you wish to create your own bitcoin exchange it is necessary to choose the best platform that is more suitable for your venture. Know more about their work and features.

How to handle it?

You need to be careful enough to choose the best developers so that your project fetches you good returns. With a perfect framework and process, you will definitely get more than the expected result.

What to expect of a good cryptocurrency developer?


Field expertise is one of the main points in the checklist to identify the best cryptocurrency developers. An expert developer is one who is familiar with and has wide knowledge in blockchain structure apart from the front end and back end programming codes. This is precisely why we claim that not all software developers can be trusted for cryptocurrency development. Cryptocurrency developers here excel in centralized, decentralized, peer to peer, and over the counter platforms.


When experience and expertise come together, matchless crypto solutions are guaranteed. An experienced developer would have come across numerous issues to build your own bitcoin exchange website. So, he will be able to fix errors, bugs, and set the right things at the earliest.


It is an extra advantage to any cryptocurrency or blockchain project when the developer stays committed to what he does. With such commitment to the profession comes unparalleled dedication. Any task you do with utmost dedication ensures success.

Leading cryptocurrency exchange solution provider, SHAMLA TECH has a skilled team of developers enriched with experience and expertise in the market. We offer robust blockchain and cryptocurrency services such as coin/ token development, ICO, exchange platform development, wallet development, and smart contract development. Our top cryptocurrency developers work together to hit the right options for all your crypto trade needs. Get the best platform scripts to launch your own exchange in no time with economic prices. 

Here is the major Cryptocurrency exchange security parameters is available.

Multi-Signature: Multisignature security adds an extra layer of protection for cryptocurrency transactions and storage. Our Multisignature and multi-currency wallet ensures higher-order security that allows two or more users to share a key for their funds.

Time-locked Transactions: We facilitate time-limited transactions that permit the trade to be processed only in a particular time period or an interval. The option ensures makes the hackers to away by hindering their interference.

Cold Wallet and hot Wallet security:  Hot wallets are facilitated with various security options and Cold wallets, unlike hot wallets are completely offline and detached from the server to provide a greater level of protection. Warm wallets are also gaining more interest as it has the features of both hot and cold wallets.

2 Factor Authentication: Two or more different Google authentication factors to verify themselves for better security to both the user’s credentials and transactions. 

Escrow: The escrow wallet holds the cryptocurrencies and transfers it to the buyer’s wallet only after the buyer pays the seller assuring high reliability.

Cloud Flare: Cloud Flare implemented to secure a website and protection it from security threats and hackers.

Hardware Security Modules: Manages digital keys for strong authentication and superfine security by storing keys in the hardware. Greatly advanced and refined to safeguard the keys in case of any malpractice detected.

HTTP Public key: Implemented encrypted security mechanism delivered through an HTTP response that allows HTTPS websites to resist the website’s usage by attackers using fraudulent certificates. 

Clickjacking attack and X-Frame-Options: The security feature includes clickjacking protection against rendering of a page in a frame. The feature secures the passwords or any data to be hidden from the hackers.

CSRF Protection: This option is an enhanced and additional layer of security against vulnerability to XSS.

Cross-Site Scripting Cross-Site Scripting protection: You can secure your platform from malicious scripts that are injected into the websites causing fund loss.

DDoS Protection: Guard against heavy traffic by the hacker targeting server making it unavailable or slowing down the performance.

Google authentication: Get notified through SMS or emails when there is any unauthorized or doubtful activity happening. Get one time passwords (OTPs) to the registered mobile number or email to login without any defined password for enhanced security.

 KYC: AYC and AML implemented to identify traders and avoid unsuitable investors.

Develop Crypto Exchange easily

top cryptocurrency exchange platform development agency will certainly serve as a sole solution for those who are in need of technical experience to create a bitcoin exchange of their own. Shamla tech offers cutting edge white label decentralized exchange, centralized and peer to peer exchange solutions according to your needs. Even more, we with skilled cryptocurrency exchange consultants provide fully equipped bitcoin trading software that is completely personalizable corresponding to the preference. We also provide fully built bitcoin trading software customizable for your relevance at very economic prices. 

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