Branding With White-label Ico Platform Software Development For Your Enterprise Needs!

White-label ICO platform software development is an effectual strategy for startups to raise funds for their business development activities. But the cost incurred for the same depends totally on the nature of the overall business requirements.

Recommendations for an ideal ICO launch idea:

In an ordinary startup environment, it is just enough to work on a plain business idea without putting much effort. But that is not the case with the ICOs, as they require some significant amount of due diligence to have an innate understanding offix the potential market.
Here are some of the suggestions that depict the same:
  • Decentralized business model.
  • Blockchain technology implementation.
  • Potential-rich roadmap to make the ICO go global with ease.
  • Comprehensive whitepaper to offer an easy understanding of the project.
  • Efficient token supply and demand management.

What is the importance of white labeling in an ICO launch process?

When it comes to an ICO launch service, white-labeling permits the entrepreneurs to kick-start their ICO campaigns instantly on the go with ease. White-labeled software is nothing but a ready-to-use product or service that comes with superior quality features as compared with the normal ones.
It is cost-effective, as its functionality modules are designed, developed, and tested in an exceptional manner so as to ensure zero bugs when going live.
The white-label ICO platform software is open for 100% customization thus allowing the users to get a fully customizable product for their business requirements. Whatever might be the extent of customization needs, white-label services make us achieve as such free of hassles.
Moreover, as an entrepreneur, you can perform the desired branding for your product inclusive of the logo, functionalities, and technology fixes in the dashboard of the white-label ICO platform software development itself.

Merits of adopting a white-label ICO platform software development solution:

  • Self-branding:

White-label ICO software gives us the freedom of getting the business branding as per our wish, convenience, and requirements. We need not get confined with the brand name and logo of any third party branding agency to shape our brand in the market.

  • Top-notch quality:

Businesses that never ever wish to comprise on quality can make use of the white-label services, which are delivered with such a kind of reliability that we cannot notice in the ordinary services.

So, if you wanna get done with high-end ICO development and launch, then embrace our white-label ICO platform software.

  • Rich set of profit:

White-label ICO development solutions can help you maximize your business revenue as much as possible of your choice. You can make the best out of the profit generation potential here with no regrets.

  • Cost-effectiveness and instant deployment:

As the white-label ICO platform software development is a wholly developed product, customization is just enough to make it go live. Hence it seems somewhat cost-effective than the development of the product from scratch. 

The total time taken for deployment is reduced as well in the case of white-labeling, leading to a faster deployment ever.

  • Risk tolerance:

Risk mitigation is possible with white labeling as it helps in eliminating the possible risks in the business. ICO market analysis together with the proven records can make it happen in no time.

  • Compensation for lack of technical expertise:

White labeling is highly beneficial in those cases, where the entrepreneurs do not have enough technical exposure and experience. Since the software has already been designed, developed, and tested by a team of skilled professionals, it never demands domain knowledge from the entrepreneur’s side. 

How to get a converting website for an ICO launch?

  • Start explaining your project’s mission to the outside world:

Impart your website with the information like how your project is going to work, what type of scope that it holds for the future, what it is expected to bring for in the upcoming days, and how beneficial it will be. 

Sketch a perfect roadmap for the product development life cycle and token lending.

  • Try to add videos and visuals:

Sometimes, users do not take enough time to read the details delivered on the site. Hence there is a chance that you may lose some visitors and clients due to certain misleading. In such cases, audiovisuals with crisp information might help you get extra business opportunities from worldwide clients.

  • Don’t forget to furnish ‘contact us’ toggle on the website:

Adding ‘contact us’ button in the site can pave way for your visitors to get direct contact with your team, thus helping to get more leads for your business. Moreover, it helps in building a long-lasting impression for your website among the user’s group.

ICO launch service listings of Shamla Tech:

  • ICO token creation:

A unique token will be created from our side along with branding to help you with your solid fundraising goals.

  • White-paper design:

We design highly intuitive white papers to grab the attention of visitors and to make them aware of what your project is all about.

We focus on creating an appealing website for your project by posting premium quality content, thus making it professional.

  • Smart contract creation:

We come up with highly secure smart contracts to boost up the security level of your ICO.

  • Blockchain inducement:

Whatever type of blockchain you wish, we are ready to integrate the same in your project!

  • Coin creation:

We help you get an exceptional coin for your ICO both in terms of feature-sets and functionalities.

  • Wallet integration:

Our wallet setup aids you with coin storage and in making error-free cum secure transactions.

  • Payment gateway setup:

This is to help you avail the facility of making transactions with multiple payment modes purely in accordance with your comfort.

  • Token listing:

We make you list your tokens in some of the top-rated listing exchanges to bring betterment in your profit-driven rates.

  • ICO marketing: 

We organize airdrop and bounty programs to make you get into the globally targeted audience group.


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