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Crypto Development Solution and Types of crypto coins and token- Easily explained!

The traditional or the exciting banking and financial system is so fragile that it is not capable of supporting a safer and faster flow of transactions across various stages. Besides, the involvement of any administrative and monitoring intermediary, middlemen, or a third party to process the transactions denies privacy to the participants. The lack of privacy, security, and transparency makes the whole network prone to attacks by hackers or any fraudulent activity which in turn leads to the loss of funds at large. The situation calls for a definite Crypto Development Solution like to mend all the setbacks of the financial sector all at once.

There are still few who are of the opinion that Crypto Development Solution will never succeed in its attempt to reach the mainstream economy. However, there is an increase in the need for Cryptocurrency Development Solutions which is proving the opinion false. 

A good cryptocurrency development agency plays a vital role in transforming various sectors from small scale to large enterprises to combat all the setbacks in their financial systems. In other words, it supports more stability and expansion of the industries that accept the technology. 

There are various more options in selecting and developing virtual currency to boost your business. Also, check out the top coins and tokens to have a better understanding and idea of which type will suit your business. The development process requires highly technical coding and market knowledge to complete. Of course, the Crypto Development solution is a bit complex so it needs some understanding of modifications is very crucial. But still, the World Wide Web is full of tutorials and guides. Nevertheless experienced cryptocurrency developers and consultants will help you to achieve your desired project skillfully.

Here is everything you need to about the broad categories of cryptocurrencies for your desired Crypto Development Solution, and how to evaluate their potential as an investment opportunity.

Coins and tokens

Most of the top cryptocurrencies today are just crypto coins. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Coins are differentiated by the existence of a blockchain, which is a completely decentralized, peer-to-peer system where transactions are documented on a digital ledger. Blockchain is what sets apart a coin from a token.

Cryptocurrency Coins

Most of the popular and established cryptocurrencies today come under the category of currency coins. Currency coins function just like standard currency and can be used to purchase or in exchange for goods and services.

Here are major currency coin types:


The first modern cryptocurrency is the bitcoin. It is the most popular and also has the largest market share for all digital currencies available now. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology to operate a highly transparent peer-to-peer transaction. All transactions can be traced easily by the user making them trustworthy and free from any fraudulent activity.


Any other alternate coin apart from bitcoin is called an altcoin. These altcoins can be built with more unique features that are best suitable for your business needs.


Meme coins are described as cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Initially, they started as a joke but due to continuous campaigns by the influencers, meme coins gained popularity. They have some common characteristics of Bitcoin with different consensus mechanisms or smart contracts. Meme coins are internet jokes and memes that are created for entertainment purposes.

Elon Musk’s continuous tweets about Dogecoin proliferated with other meme coins like Shibu Inu and Safemoon. Meme coins do not hold any value and have no utility. In 2013, Jackson and Billy Markus created a MEME coin called Dogecoin. The meme coins are built upon top blockchain networks like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Currently, Meme coin worth is a total of $33 million.
Though Meme coins are started as a joke, the coin has gained lots of popularity by the online campaigns run by the influencers making it to stand in the top 10 cryptocurrency position with a rapid increase in price for more than 1600%. Here we wrote the Complete guide of Meme coin development with worth for this coin.



Tokens facilitate access to a product or a stock. A token release is usually happening through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). An ICO is similar to that of an IPO (Initial public offering) for the stock market. Initial Coin Offering provides investors with access to the services or products in exchange or represented by the token. They may also cover a stake in the cryptocurrency firm.

The former token comes under the topic of utility tokens. If the latter applies, it is a security token.

Security token

A security token must have surely passed the Howey test. It eliminates the need for any middlemen or a third party in the exchange but assures an extra level of security through two or multi-factor authentication. Security token enhances liquidity which eventually allows widening up the investor base.

Utility token

A utility token is highly beneficial in terms of crowdfunding. These tokens are created to provide investors with extra utility more than just a trade. Having this kind of token may also give access to a function provided by the issuer businesses.

Asset token

Unlike other tokens, asset tokens allow participation in the provider company’s authority, permits to handle real assets, or even Gold equal to the value of the cryptocurrency.

Equity token

An allotted share of an underlying company is represented by an equity token. With the token purchase, holders are literally granted to own a given percent or authority in the issuer enterprise. They represent shares that imply ownership and control over a business that offered the token.


Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies with values backed into real-world assets like gold, fiat, or even other cryptocurrencies. Investors mostly choose these coins because they are, as the name suggests, more stable than a lot of volatile cryptocurrencies.

In n exchange platform, for instance, an investor can convert their cryptocurrency to a stablecoin in the place of converting it into standard currency—a process that can charge significant transaction fees. These stablecoins provide utmost trustworthiness and non-volatility ensuring easy trade.

Most stablecoins have USD attached to their name. Some examples of stable coins are Gemini Coin (GUSD) and Tether (USDT).

Crypto Development Solution


As an investor, doing your research is a must if you plan to trade, especially with the volatility of the crypto market. Start to invest only after you are fully comfortable and satisfied with the knowledge you have gathered. And you can invest after a thorough assessment of the risks involved and requirements of your business.

Always choose the best crypto development solution firm like Shamla tech for highly dependable services. The expert cryptocurrency developers here assure completely customized services best suitable for your business. Our consultants offer Cryptocurrency Development Services the latest and advanced in the market to boost up your business in no time.  

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