Digital Asset Exchange App Development To Upgrade Your Business


Digital Asset Exchange App Development

Digital asset exchange app enables entrepreneurs and industries to sell their goods and services at a scale that was impossible with traditional trade methods. The new trend achieved the full market cap of combined cryptocurrencies of about 1000% last year.

Digital currencies have been a hot topic in the digital space for a while now. Though Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that hit the floor in 2008, there are thousands of crypto coins and tokens in use now. With the arrival of cryptocurrency, blockchain came up as a platform for digital cash to be put to use. It cannot be denied that the cryptocurrency introduction was looked up as a scam or unreliable by many in the beginning. On the other hand, the trade experts claimed that it shall lead to a greater turnover in the days to come. The virtual currency and the exchange platforms have been surviving all the waves of criticism and have managed to make its venture into the mainstream economy on a global basis.

At present, it is hard to find a sector to which digital currency has not made a contribution meaning cryptocurrency has touched upon almost all the spheres. These spaces include industries such as banking, finance, supply chain, logistics, healthcare, and much more. 

Many blockchain projects are in progress and all of them can rely strongly on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin for cash transactions. After all, capital flow is the pushing force for any given project irrespective of the nature of the same. With such a huge scope, it is obvious that digital coins will be an integral part of commerce in the upcoming years as well.

Benefits of starting own cryptocurrency 

Decentralized: Decentralization is one of the most named benefits you get when you create your own cryptocurrency. This peer to peer system provides a greater degree of freedom as no other financial intermediaries can control or check the transactions made at any cost. 

Anonymity: None of the trades are linked to the personal identity of the trader or the user. For those who don’t want anyone monitoring their finances, cryptocurrency is the best ever choice. Digital asset exchange app is best suited for those who prefer their identity to be protected until the user volunteers to reveal it. During every use of cash and card payment systems, the entire transaction history comes under the notice of the bank or the centralized authority. This gives the authority the total freedom to check on your account balances, spending and funds are available. 

Contrary to the traditional methods, cryptocurrency allows the terms and needs to be negotiated within the two parties themselves without any administrative authority. This protects the privacy of your identity, financial history and restrains any data theft or hack which is prevalent in the prevalent system.

Transparent: Even though the trade and the transactions are well secured, all finalized transactions become available. However personal information is hidden. In any business and trade, there are numerous middlemen who make direct transactions more complex. There are loads of manual paperwork, brokerage fees, numerous taxes, and commissions. 

But crypto trading is a totally peer-to-peer networking structure that completely eliminates any third-party interference avoiding threats. This direct trade provides greater security, clarity in establishing audit trails, fewer complications on to whom the fees should be paid, greater accountability and trustworthiness between the buyer and the seller.

Safety: Cryptocurrency is not vulnerable to hacking. Cryptocurrency cuts out space for any hackers and saves trade from fraudulent activities. It also restrains counterfeit attempts by complete traceability and recording, unlike fiat currencies.

Taxes: A Cryptocurrency exchange does not account for any taxes but it serves with minimal operational costs as it is direct and there is no intermediary. The best part of cryptocurrencies is that they are not curbed over different local currencies. Cryptocurrencies possess the unique tendency of escaping the charges imposed for exchange, interest, transaction charges, or any other taxation by any country.

This peer-to-peer network helps seamless cross-border transfers and transactions to be conducted without doubts over currency exchange fluctuations. 

To create your own crypto exchange is a multi-billion dollar industry, which only a few businesses are presently exploring at the best. Cryptocurrency trading software development can help you make the most out of this money pit by giving you the ability to provide digital currency trading services. A bitcoin exchange development enables traders to exchange their coins with other crypto coins or sell/buy cryptocurrency to fiat according to the market trends. However, a white label bitcoin exchange platform works similarly to any other crypto exchange platform but is more secure and global. The readymade solution is quick to launch and ever offers utmost scalability. Apart from the easier business deals with cryptocurrencies, it makes your eyes wider with these freebies…

  • Escaping frauds: Cryptocurrency is not vulnerable to hacking
  • Transaction anonymity : Customers can customize what others want to know about them
  • Cutting down taxes:  cryptocurrency eliminates exchange and transaction charges.
  • Swift transactions:  Date and time don’t affect cryptocurrency transactions.
  • No middlemen: This technology avoids middlemen and encourages direct deals

What are the types of crypto exchanges?

Decentralized exchange

Decentralized exchanges aim at the rule of peer-to-peer or completely direct interactions, cutting out the need for any middlemen and central authorities. This cryptocurrency exchange development services emphasize secured transactions and plentiful anonymity. More precisely, decentralized bitcoin exchange development provides enhanced security and swift trade as the trade is direct between the investors and the buyers. Cryptocurrency developers with high expertise fulfill your needs and brainstorm ideas to bring out phenomenal products for your pursuit.  IDEX, Oasis, Waves, Open Ledger, Binance dex are few Best decentralized Exchange platforms that allow you to trade with ease.

Centralized exchange

In centralized digital asset exchange software, intermediaries such as companies act as middlemen to facilitate trading on the platform. This type of white label cryptocurrency exchange software also provides more liquidity. The best readymade services offer you the utmost results to connect cryptocurrency trading and the real economy. Moreover, Centralized exchanges like Binance have quickly achieved a high level of trust within the cryptocurrency community which is extremely important if you want to call yourself the best Bitcoin trading platform. The platform holds various security features like escrow to safeguard the funds and how it protects itself from hacks.

Local peer to peer exchange

Local Peer to peer digital asset exchange app is the newest wave in the cryptocurrency trading market. It allows direct interaction between the buyer and the seller by avoiding middlemen involvement in the exchanges. Also, the Local Peer peers white label bitcoin exchange platform offers quick trades, supports multiple payment options, and withdrawal methods providing liquidity. The best cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company provides escrow solutions to present secured trading and privacy, unlike centralized exchanges. Peer to peer cryptocurrency exchanges like LocalBitcoins, Paxful is used extensively.

At SHAMLA TECH, as an expert cryptocurrency exchange development company, we provide robust and customizable Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange solutions to power up your business. Expert Cryptocurrency Exchange Consultants help you choose the best readymade cryptocurrency exchange software to create your own crypto exchange instantly. Above all, the digital asset exchange software Development firm ensures supreme security and reliable trade at your budget

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