White Label Decentralized Exchange – The Tech Primer For Your Exchange Development Needs!

White Label Decentralized Exchange

White Label Decentralized Exchange

The growth in the utilization of cryptocurrencies has provoked the interest of people in coming out with some innovative ideas and concepts. Cryptocurrency exchanges come in these categories of innovation to facilitate asset trading for business purposes. White Label Decentralized Exchange creation is one crucial step with which anyone can get into the trend sets ruling the crypto industry as of now. 

A majority of investors these days make white label decentralized exchange development a priority for their business exchange development demands. They wish to get mastery in it to outpace their profit returns with a much more improved level of ROI. Here is where the stellar decentralized exchange solutions speak out. Of course, these solutions stand as the investors’ choice when it comes to the creation of a white label decentralized exchange open for customization to any extent.

To witness this fact, there comes a statistics that the white label decentralized exchanges have been gaining huge traction in the industry in recent times. This gives rise to the increase in demand for white label decentralized exchange platform development altogether with a rapid rise in momentum for cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus the value of cryptocurrency exchanges grows steadily and it has been quite evident that the exchanges hold a great market cap in the present and it is suspected to grow further in the future. 

Also, if we take some of the factors like the quality and the count of cryptocurrency exchanges, a massive accomplishment and transformation will be observed so far. This is what actually that has made the investors get some ground-breaking business and investment opportunities with the digitally powered cryptocurrency exchanges right now.

The cryptocurrency exchange market goes on expanding every single day with a large number of newbie entries, thus enriching the overall scope. In order for every newbie entrepreneur to cope with the consistently evolving popularity and demand of the industry, it is very much vital to go out for an authentic cryptocurrency exchange solutions provider like us so as to ensure sustainability in a long run.

In general, the cryptocurrency exchanges are intended to work as the backbone of the entire digital currency market. All asset types inclusive of the cryptocurrencies are in need of a platform or marketplace to get traded and here is where the cryptocurrency exchanges find their importance. They help the users make trades with assets of their choice by facilitating the methodology of cryptocurrency commerce.

The entire world of digital asset or cryptocurrency exchanges is broadly classified under two major categories as follows:

  • Centralized exchange types
  • Decentralized exchange types

In this blog, we are going to explore more about the second type ‘decentralized exchanges’. Now, let me begin with a quick peek at what the decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are mainly concerned about…

A glimpse on decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges:

Before getting into detail into what actually a decentralized crypto exchange is, it is very much vital to have a basic understanding of what does cryptocurrency exchanges mean for the users. A cryptocurrency exchange is a tradeable marketplace for the users to make conversions either from crypto to fiat or fiat to cryptocurrency types. Besides, the conversions here happen as well for some other different currency pairs, as and when required.

So, now let me come to the point of what the decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges do? One major factor that distinguishes decentralized exchange types from the centralized ones is that their overall architecture functions with no central control authority. This in turn eliminates the need for having third-party intermediaries or escrow to help to store the funds.

The technology behind any type of cryptocurrency exchange is none other than blockchain (a distributed ledger technology). Yes, it is the technology that makes the exchanges work with ultra-high efficiency. Basically, it helps record, verify and secure each and every transaction made in the exchange platform thus digitizing the entire exchange operations.

How the decentralized exchanges got their evolution in the industry?

The decentralized exchanges abbreviated as ‘DEX’ came into existence once the hacks with the centralized exchanges came into the limelight. Yes, right after the loss of trust experienced by the centralized exchange types due to the fraudulence possibilities, people had increasingly started to search out for their best counterparts. As a result, the decentralized exchanges entered the scene with the potential of addressing all the challenges brought by the centralized exchanges. This is how the decentralized exchanges got their popularity in the market.

What are the use cases of the white label decentralized exchanges?

The white label decentralized exchanges work with smart contracts to help ensure 100% safety with the transactions carried out. Thus they are meant for making the trading easy and secure for the traders to proceed, thus accounting for a better level of efficiency ever.

  • Protection: The exchanges are highly resistant to unethical attacks or hacks thus making the users’ funds free from risks.
  • Security: As it is a known fact that the white label decentralized exchanges work with no third-party intermediaries, the possibilities for security threats are very low. Also, they boost up the security by facilitating P2P (Peer to peer) transactions.
  • Privacy:  The exchanges maintain and safeguard the privacy of the user’s right by keeping their personal information more secure and private as possible. 
  • Speed: They ensure speed in transactions done to avoid discrepancies with the trades. The users are authorized to perform quicker trades at minimal charges ever.
  • Fund control: The exchanges will let the users have complete control over their funds, as they possess no other centralized server to take control over the users’ funds.
  • Scope for customization: Rebranding is possible with white label decentralized exchange solutions as they are very much open for customization as per the users’ choice. 

Besides the above-said use cases, crypto exchanges hold some other valuable features which are listed out as follows:

  • Trading via smart contracts
  • APIs
  • Automated verification like KYC and AML checks
  • Liquidity
  • Language and currency support
  • Robust admin panel for efficient trade management
  • Advanced matching engine to carry out hassle-free trades.

Considerations for cryptocurrency exchange platform development:

Market research: Before going out for the development of your own cryptocurrency exchange, it is always better to make a deep analysis of the market conditions as a preliminary and precautionary step. Check for the business complexities here that are about to threaten so as to protect your exchange from them right before the launch itself.

Regulations: Have a clear understanding of the regulations appropriate to the location with which you are going to launch your exchange platform. You need to be aware of KYC and AML verification procedures as well in this step to help come out with perfect authentication and security.

Liquidity: This plays a major role in determining the ROI of your exchange business. Hence it should be taken care of. Of course, bringing up a higher liquidity level is undeniably the most important part of your exchange development and launch. Liquidity is the vital factor that each and every trade always attempts to accomplish. So, the trade that you think of should have the module to deal with it perfectly with no hassles.

Closing thoughts:

The crypto market enlarges at a much faster and phenomenal rate and the worth of which is expected to touch around some 1 trillion US Dollars shortly. The reason for this is that the crypto exchanges generate huge interest and bring chances for generating huge profit returns. The trade volume appropriate to those exchanges is set for constant rise with an upsurge in new takers.

With reference to such an increased trading volume with the exchanges, the crypto investors nowadays get great opportunities for money-making in lots and lots of ways inevitably. By the way, they can launch a robust cum user-friendly exchange of their choice to capitalize on the rising market demands. 

The white label decentralized exchange software seems to be the best cryptocurrency exchange solution to build your own crypto exchange. In order for you to get such an incredible solution, Shamla Tech would be the right place. The team is going to make you build a decentralized crypto exchange of your choice with all the rich feature and functionality sets to help drive it towards generating immense profit in no time. 

So, it is no better time than now for you as an entrepreneur to put a mass entry into the highly demanding cryptocurrency exchange business space.

Come; let us join us to reap some more unrivaled benefits that you actually deserve…

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